advanced learner loans

Advanced Learner Loans are for learners aged 19 and over studying at level 3 to 6 (eligibility criteria apply). They are not means tested, there is no credit check and you do not need to pay anything back until you are earning over £27,295pa. Please note that the Advanced Learner Loan cannot be used for Foundation Degree or Degree courses. Students applying for the Access to HE course should note that the remaining balance of their Advanced Learner Loan will be wiped out should they go on to complete a degree.  For further information and to determine your eligibility visit the Advanced Learner Loan site. You can also view a step-by-step guide to completing an ALL application here.

subsidies (Level 2 & 3 courses)

The UK government provides subsidies and funding for a number of Level 2 and 3 courses for adult learners (eligibility criteria apply). This funding enables adults to upskill, retrain, and pursue their career goals. Funded courses include basic skills courses aimed at improving literacy, numeracy and digital skills, as well as English and Math courses and vocational training. 

Eligibility is determined by various factors, including age, residency status, prior qualifications, income and employment status. In most cases, funding is available to individuals aged 19 and over who are residents of the United Kingdom. This includes citizens, permanent residents and certain categories of migrants with leave to remain in the UK. In most cases, funded courses are open to individuals who do not already hold a qualification at the same level or higher. For example, if you want to pursue a Level 2 qualification, you may need to have qualifications below that level or none at all. This is designed to help those who need to upskill or reskill for employment. For further information visit the website.

instalment plans

Payment in instalments is available for courses costing over £100 and that last longer than 12 weeks. A £25 administration fee applies.

student loans (for higher education courses)

Tuition fees for our Higher Education courses are charged per annum. Our Foundation degrees and top-up degrees total 120 credits per year, so they are classed as full-time and you will be able to apply to the Student Loans Company for funding. Previous higher education study, regardless of how it was funded, may limit your eligibility now. The Student Finance Calculator will allow you to estimate what loans, grants and funding you may be entitled to. 

For updates on applying for Student Finance, including deadlines and toolkits, visit the Student Finance Get Uni Ready site. 

withdrawing from your course

All students should note that if they withdraw or are withdrawn from their course, they may still be liable for their course fees. Contact our Student Support Manager for further information.