Peter Symonds College is an independent Corporation (the Board of Governors) with exempt charitable status. The Instrument and Articles of Association set down its powers, membership, role and responsibilities. Most of the College’s provision is funded by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (EFSA), and the Instrument and Articles are supplemented by the Funding Council’s Financial Memorandum and the Post 16 Audit Code of Practice, as well as law relating to employment, equality and diversity, health and safety.

The Board of Governors is similar to a board of non-executive directors. The Instrument and Articles of Association specify a maximum of twenty-one Governors for the College. Governors do not represent any particular interests, but the Board is required to include in its number a minimum of two members of the staff, one parent, two students, three Foundation governors (two nominated from the Trustees of Christes Hospitall and one from Winchester Diocese) and the Principal. The Principal is a member ex officio and the only executive member. In addition the College invites, from time to time, individuals with specific skills or experience to serve relevant committees as a co-opted member: these individuals are not governors.

The College has established close links with the Mercers' Company, which is the premier livery Company of the City of London, of which the first Peter Symonds was a member, and the Board of Governors currently includes two nominees from that company.

Board of Governors & Standing Committees

The Board of Governors generally meets six times each year, and there are five standing committees which meet regularly, or as required namely:

  • Audit
  • Curriculum & Quality Assurance
  • Policy & Resources
  • Remuneration (including Personnel)
  • Search & Governance