A GCSE in English Language provides you with skills you will not only use every day, but is also a highly desirable qualification for career progression. Many employers and Higher Education providers ask for a GCSE in English at Grade 4 /C or above. 

The GCSE in English Language is for all students who wish to gain a good grounding in writing accurately, both creatively and persuasively; to learn how to analyse, compare and evaluate writers' viewpoints and techniques; and to gain a Grade 4-9 (corresponding to the former grades C-A*) in GCSE English Language. It is FREE if you do not already have a Grade 4 (formerly a C) or above.

This course aims to improve students' skills in reading, writing and spoken English; to develop students' self-awareness and self-confidence, and to prepare students through the English AQA syllabus for a controlled assessment and external examinations.

What Will I Study?

GCSE English Language is a one-year linear course running from September to June with one controlled assessment completed in class and two external exams at the end of the year. 

  • Paper 1 involves reading, analysing and evaluating an extract from a piece of fiction from the 20th or 21st century, and compose a piece of creative writing.
  • Paper 2 asks you to read, compare and evaluate two extracts of non-fiction, one of which will be from the 19th century, and to compose a persuasive text where you develop your point of view on a given topic.
  • There is also a controlled assessment completed in class and assessed by the tutor which involves speaking and listening.
  • You will have one lesson a week which is 2½ hours in length either on a Wednesday morning at AHED in Weeke or on a Wednesday evening at Peter Symonds College 6th-form site in Owens Road. 

All tasks will be related to the objectives above. Students will learn techniques for writing both creatively and to express an opinion; how to read analytically to compare information and viewpoints and evaluate this information; how to analyse techniques used by authors to convey ideas effectively.

Entry Requirements

A sound grasp of basic English skills will be needed, i.e. writing in accurate sentences, using paragraphs and punctuation, and making use of a good vocabulary. Reading is an essential part of the course. You will be invited to come in for a screening before the start of the GCSE English course.


Your Tutor will recommend books and online resources at the beginning of the course. In order to prepare, you might find it helpful to engage in reading and writing activities such as reading articles, magazines, newspapers, blogs or downloading books for free from the library. You might find it helpful to write a description of what you can see or keep a diary. 


Students can progress to English A-Level, upgrades in careers, or an Access to Higher Education Diploma Course.


* This course is free to certain students depending on circumstances.

Payment Options: GCSE English & Mathematics

Age 19-23 Age 24+
  • Free if you don’t have GCSE grade A*-C or 9-4
  • Full cost if you already have GCSE grade A*-C or 9-4

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