The Level 5 Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy is aimed at experienced massage therapists who wish to further develop their massage skills, knowledge and understanding. Students will increase their knowledge of sports injuries, assessment methods and therapy techniques as well as learning to treat a wider range of conditions. This sports massage course allows students to obtain the highest vocational sports massage qualification in the UK.

What Will I Study?

Topics include: posture (including myofascial reading e.g. anatomy trains), gait analysis, range of movement, isometric testing and a variety of special tests. Special tests will include testing of ligaments, labrum, cartilage and for indications of impingement and dislocation.  

You will also develop your knowledge of the neurological system and be able to recognise neurological presentations. This will include exploration of pathophysiology (ligamentous and neural) of all the major joints.

Practically you will carry out sports massage using a range of complex techniques, to include myofascial, positional release, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), and active isolated stretching. This will include critical evaluation of the effects and benefits of each technique. You will also be able to provide aftercare methods that will complement your massage treatment, to include mobility, proprioception and isometric strengthening.

In addition you will explore the concept of evidence-based practice, understand the importance of evidence-based practice in sport and be able critically to appraise research undertaken on the use of sports massage and be able to draw conclusions.

Entry Requirements

Applicants should be over 16 years old and must have completed the Level 4 Certificate or Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy or equivalent to undertake this qualification.


Students will need to complete a maximum of 10 hours per week additional study (variable throughout course). You may be required to practise on a willing body outside guided learning hours to consolidate knowledge and practise techniques.

A massage couch and massage materials would be useful to take to events and allow you to practise your treatments.


Graduates of this qualification will be able to gain employment as a Level 5 Sports Massage practitioner, providing a range of advanced sports massage techniques for recent non-acute injuries and for pre-existing conditions. This may include working in clinics, for sporting teams, or as a mobile therapist, in either an employed or self-employed context.

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