This evening course combines learning basic Mandarin language skills with exploring elements of Chinese culture. As with all our language classes, this is relaxed, friendly and non examined. You do not need any prior experience for this course.

You will start by covering the basics of Hanyu Pinyin, which will help you read Chinese characters and sentences. The initial focus of study will be on basic grammar, listening and speaking in addition to exploring traditional Chinese culture.

Students will learn and master daily conversations, such as shopping, asking for directions, ordering food etc. In addition, we will learn to write some common Chinese characters and understand the stories and allusions behind them.

Students will be encouraged to ask questions related to Mandarin and Chinese culture and will communicate and explore different topics as a group. Students will learn to communicate together and converse in Mandarin if the opportunity arises.

What Will I Study?

  • Pronunciation of the language and its basic grammatical framework
  • Learn to understand and use some basic linguistic functions and useful phrases, such as those you might find in tourist situations (e.g. ordering food, asking for directions and shopping)
  • Reading, writing, speaking and listening skills
  • Explore Chinese culture (e.g. the zodiac, traditional festival customs, and legends) and understand a multi-faceted China which is both traditional and modern, fast developing and traditional, free and centralised.
  • In addition, we will drink Chinese tea, write Chinese Calligraphy, cut window grilles, play Mahjong and learn to sing Chinese folk songs together!
  • In each class, we will set aside 15 minutes to talk about China in the news. In your spare time after class, you can watch documentaries, movies and videos about Chinese culture, history and other aspects recommended in our course.

Entry Requirements

No previous qualifications or knowledge of the language is necessary – this course is suitable for complete beginners.


Materials will be discussed at the first session. Please bring pen, paper and a folder.


Students could progress on to a progress on to a continuation/follow up Mandarin and Chinese Culture course. 

Please note that if enrolments for a course are low, classes might be reduced in length/duration to avoid cancellation of the course.