Becoming A Governor

The Board of Governors of the College is always looking for potential new Governors.

The Board of Governors is responsible for the educational character and mission of the College, for the proper use of its resources and for safeguarding its assets. These responsibilities are carried out through a number of Committees:

  • Audit
  • Curriculum and Quality Assurance
  • Policy and Resources (with Estates)
  • Remuneration (with Personnel)
  • Search and Governance

The Board meets five times each year, normally on a Monday afternoon, which all Governors need to be able to attend, to fulfil the role. There is also at least one training day each year for Governors, and additional training courses are also available. Each Governor is a member of two Committees, which also usually meet on Monday afternoons, currently on line. Most of the Committees meet a minimum of three times a year, although they may meet more frequently, depending on the business to be discussed.

In addition, governors can assist by being members of various ad hoc working groups with a specific remit, attending the annual grading panel, which forms part of the college’s annual self assessment process and carrying out mock university interviews with some of the students. The position of Governor is unpaid, but reasonable expenses may be claimed.

Peter Symonds College is committed to promoting equality of opportunity and seeks to recruit Governors with the skills that are required for the effective operation of the Board and who reflect the composition of the staff and students, and the community in Winchester and the wider area served by the College.