Peter Symonds College

How To Apply

College Life

  • What kind of students come to Peter Symonds?

    Being a student at Peter Symonds means being part of an inclusive, diverse and welcoming community. Students from far and wide choose to study at Peter Symonds, and so you’ll get to know many new people and make some incredible friendships.

  • How long is the College day?

    We start at 9.00am and end at 4.40pm. However, your college timetable will be different to what you may be used to at school. Your day will include free study periods, which means you won’t be in back-to-back classes all day. These free study periods are to help you building the time for independent study, which is an essential part of being successful in your studies at Peter Symonds.

  • Where can I go on campus during free study periods?

    Occupying two floors, our Learning Resource Centre (LRC) provides a wide range of resources, study desks and computer stations for independent study. For quiet study, you can also opt for the Hopkins Study Centre. All areas of the College have wi-fi and students can also access the College network from their own mobile devices.

    Our campus also has a choice of cafes and social spaces that you can use throughout most of your day.

  • What is the College dress code?

    While there is no uniform, we do have a dress code at the College. Clothes need to be appropriate to the working environment (which also means no offensive logos); faces must not be covered and students should not wear clothing that restricts the ability of others to identify them while on site or in examinations, e.g. hoods or crash helmets.

  • Can I take a holiday in term time?

    The College expects students to attend all their timetabled commitments fully. All our research shows a clear link between attendance and final grades, with students who maintain over 95% attendance attaining a whole grade higher than their peers with the same GCSE profile but a lower attendance rate. We take attendance very seriously and so holidays are not permitted during term time.