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Course Content

This course takes a practical look at recording and producing music through the use of music technology software and studio equipment.

You will study in detail:

  • Recording
  • Technology-based composition
  • Listening and analysing
  • Production techniques

The course makes extensive use of music production software and recording studio equipment. You will develop an in-depth understanding of Apple’s Logic music production software and will learn how to analyse typical technical features found in music production.

Methods of Teaching

You will learn how to use computer software and studio equipment to create and record music. Practical tasks will include sequencing using Apple’s Logic software package and working in the studio. Class based lessons will focus on developing in depth understanding of the techniques and principles behind music technology, and how these are used in music production.

Methods & Patterns of Assessment

You will be assessed through the completion of two coursework tasks and two exams set and marked by the exam board in your second year of study. The Recording and Technology-based composition coursework tasks are each worth 20% of the qualification. The Listening and analysing exam, which tests your knowledge and understanding of recording and production techniques and principles, is worth 25% of the qualification. The Producing and analysing exam, which tests your knowledge and understanding of editing, mixing and production techniques – and involves the use of production software during the exam, is worth 35% of the qualification.

Where Could It Take Me?

Students who have studied Music Technology at the college have gone on to study Music Technology and Music courses at University and Music College, and have pursued careers in the music industry. The course helps to equip students with skills required for a career in the music industry, as well as valuable life skills such as the ability to organise people, time and resources, the ability to give the utmost attention to detail, the ability to process complex data and think logically

Entry Requirements

Music GCSE Grade 5 OR equivalent Level 2 Certificate in Music or Music Technology at Merit OR Grade 4 on an instrument, voice or music theory