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All universities accept A level Law as an entry qualification for their Law courses, including the most highly selective universities.

Course Content

Year 1:

  • You will learn about the Legal System including the civil and criminal courts, and the role of magistrates, juries, solicitors, barristers and judges.
  • You will learn about Law Making and the importance of both statute law made by Parliament and case law made by judges.
  • You will be introduced to the Criminal Law through the study of offences against the person from assault to murder and offences against property such as theft, robbery and burglary.
  • You will study the law of Tort, for example negligence, nusiance and vicarious liability.

Year 2:

  • You will study the law of Contract from the formation of contracts to their enforcement.
  • You will complete your study of Criminal Law by exploring defences from self-defence to insanity.
  • You will explore the nature of law and its relationship to morality, justice and society.
  • You will develop a range of skills including the application of legal rules and principles to present an argument, analysis and evalutation of the law, legal issues and concepts.

Methods of Teaching

  • Activities include lectures, discussions, group work, research and essay writing
  • You will be given study booklets, which reduce the burden of note taking, but be aware that there is a lot of reading
  • You will practice exam questions regularly in order to build your confidence and exam technique
  • You will need to be organised and thorough in your command of detail, have a mature approach to independent learning and be willing to contribute to class discussion
  • You will have the opportunity to visit the courts, take part in mock trials and listen to guest speakers including magistrates, university lecturers and ex-students who are now practising lawyers

Methods & Patterns of Assessment

All units are assessed by external examination in May/June of the second year. There is no coursework.


Paper 1: The Legal System & Criminal Law

33.3% of A level - 2 hours

Paper 2: Law Making & The Law of Tort

33.3% of A level - 2 hours

Paper 3: Nature of Law & The Law of Contract

33.3% of A level - 2 hours

Where Could It Take Me?

Some students take A Level Law because they already know that they want a career in Law. The A Level gives an excellent introduction for students who want to read Law at University or start a legal apprenticeship. It demystifies the law. Universities recognise the advantages of A Level Law and the old view that it should not be studied has long since faded away. 

A Level Law is not just for students wanting to enter the legal professions. it is a well respected subject and is a welcome addition to many programmes of study. A Level Law links well with science subjects including history, sociology, philosophy, economics and busines, to name just a few!

The real question is not  "Why should your study A Level Law", but "Why would you not?"

Financial Implications

Payment of £25 is required to cover the cost of study booklets specifically designed for the course.

Single or group copies of books that you need to consult will be available in the classroom and the Learning Resources Centre.

The College has a Student Support Fund for those students who have difficulty meeting these costs.

Entry Requirements

5 GCSEs at grade 4 or above, including Mathematics, grade 5 in English, and grade 5 in another essay based subject such as History or English Literature.

Most Recent Results

Below is a summary of the most recent set of results for this subject:

Grade: A* A B C D E U Total
Total: 14 23 38 22 23 17 6 143
Percentage 9.8 16.1 26.6 15.4 16.1 11.9 4.2