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What is the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)?

An A level standard qualification (worth up to 28 UCAS points) awarded to those who demonstrate the following skills:

  • Planning and Project Management skills
  • Research and referencing skills
  • Developing a question or an idea in order to produce a response
  • Reviewing and reflecting on the outcome

Benefits of undertaking an EPQ

  • The Russell Group of Universities value the skills gained
  • Reduced/alternative offers from a number of university courses
  • Worth up to 28 UCAS points (half of a full A level)

Builds planning, management and presentation skills valued by employers.

Course Content

What can be researched and produced?

Students can choose to do one of the following:

  • A dissertation: for example, a study of the advantages and disadvantages of a particular medical treatment or solution to an ethical/political issue
  • An investigation: for example, a hypothesis that uses statistical analysis to investigate the correlation between particular causes and effects
  • A performance or event: for example, research into how to create a dramatic performance or a music event or a charity fundraiser or a sport skills training programme
  • An artefact: for example, research into how to create a robot or a Victorian dress or a business website or a racing bike or a makeup prosthetic

Methods of Teaching

All students are offered the opportunity to undertake an Extended Project.

  • 2 hours per week timetabled with supervisor
  • From mid/late 1st year to early/mid 2nd year
  • One to one advice
  • Subject specialist workshops available
  • EPQ skills workshops available
  • Southampton University visits and support

Where Could It Take Me?

The EPQ prepares you for university, employment and life! You will learn skills in planning, project management, report writing and presentation. You can choose the type of project you undertake.

Most Recent Results

Below is a summary of the most recent set of results for this subject:

Grade: A* A B C D E U Total
Total: 104 141 80 19 8 4 0 356
Percentage 29.2 39.6 22.5 5.3 2.2 1.1 0.0