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Business enables students to engage with, explore and understand business behaviour and develop a critical understanding of the subject.

Course Content

  • Theme 1 : Marketing and People
  • Meeting customer needs
  • The Market
  • Marketing Mix and Strategy
  • Managing People
  • Entreprenuers and Leaders
  • Theme 2: Managing Business Activities
  • Raising Finance
  • Financial Planning
  • Managing Finance
  • Resource Management
  • External Influences
  • Theme 3: Business Decisions and Strategy
  • Busines Objectives and Strategy
  • Business Growth
  • Decision-making Techniques
  • Influences on Business Decisions
  • Assessing Competitiveness
  • Managing Change
  • Theme 4: Global Business
  • Globalisation
  • Global Markets and Business Expansion
  • Global Marketing
  • Global Industries and Companies

Methods of Teaching

Students develop their skills in class through working on past papers, group work, class discussion of real world stimulus material, individual work on case studies/ data response and videos. Students are also encouraged to extend their learning through independent work.

Methods & Patterns of Assessment

3 papers taken at the end of the second year:

Paper 1:

  • 2 hour written exam
  • 100 marks in total
  • 35% of A level
  • Paper 1 will assess marketing, people and global businesses. Questions will
    be drawn from Themes 1 and 4, and from local, national and global contexts.

Paper 2:

  • 100 marks in total
  • 35% of A Level
  • Paper 2 will assess business finance operations, business decisions and
    strategy. Questions will be drawn from Themes 2 and 3, and from local,
    national and global contexts.

Paper 3:

  • 2 hour written exam
  • 100 marks in total
  • 30% of A level
  • Paper 3 will assess content across all four themes. Questions will be drawn
    from local, national and global contexts.

Where Could It Take Me?

Business is worth pursuing for its own sake, but it is a useful qualification for those hoping to go directly into employment or aiming to go on to higher education. Employers like students who have studied Business as it makes them more immediately employable. Many students progress on to Business related degree courses. In addition, many degree subjects have a business module, so studying this subject can be extremely useful whatever path students might eventually follow.  Students develop skills and knowledge very relevant to the modern world.

Financial Implications

Students can purchase a textbook each year, approximately £25 each. Students will be asked to contribute £10 (by online payment) a year towards the booklets the Department will provide. Revision booklets are available and students are encouraged to download the BBC app and follow current Business news. The College has Student Support Fund for those students who have difficulty meeting these costs.

Entry Requirements

5 GCSEs at grade 4 or above, including Mathematics and English.

Most Recent Results

Below is a summary of the most recent set of results for this subject:

Grade: A* A B C D E U Total
Total: 5 24 67 80 56 26 10 268
Percentage 1.9 9.0 25.0 29.9 20.9 9.7 3.7