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  • Do I have to attend registration every day?

    We do not have registration at the start of each day. Registers are taken electronically in every lesson. Your tutor will have the details of your attendance each week and so, if you are absent from a lesson, they will follow this up with you. Your parents can check your attendance via the parent portal and you will be able to see your attendance record via the student intranet.

  • How many subjects can I take?

    Generally, those students who have qualified to study an A level programme will study three subjects, or the equivalent BTEC course, in the lower sixth and continue with these into the upper sixth. A levels are examined at the end of the two year course

    Occasionally, our extremely able students decide to study four subjects in their first year. .

    Students who are taking BTEC Extended Diploma in Sport, who have a strong GCSE profile, may be able to study one A level subject alongside this course.

    Students studying BTEC Diploma in IT, Business and in Sport will probably be taking an A level subject alongside these courses.

    Students taking the BTEC Subsidiary Diploma/Certificate should consider taking two A level subjects alongside these courses.

    For those students on our Level 2 programme, there are a variety of options. Please see the course details for more information.