Awarding Body:EdexcelCourse Duration:1/2 Years

Minimum Entry Requirements

At least 5 GCSEs at grades A*- C, including Maths and English

1 year course: Certificate (1 AS Level Equiv.) can progress to Subsidiary Diploma in year 2

2 year course: Sibsidiary Diploma (1 A Level Equiv.)

Course Content

Depending on which qualification is chosen, the units will be selected from core units and specialist units taught over a one or two year period;


Unit 1 Business Environment

Unit 2 Business Resources

Unit 3 Introduction to Marketing

Unit 4 Business Communication


Unit 5 Business Accounting

Unit 9 Creative Production Promotion

Unit 15 Planning for a Career

Unit 37 Business Ethics and

Unit 36 Starting a small business

Specialist units may change

Certificate - The certificate is a one year course consisting of three of the core units. Students taking Certificate may progress onto the second year to complete the Subsidiary Diploma.

Subsidiary Diploma - The subsidiary consists of six units studied over a two year period. In the first year students will study three core units. In the second year the course team will select a further three specialist units designed to give students a balanced, relevant structure to the course.

Methods of Teaching

Due to the diverse nature of the course, a wide variety of teaching and learning styles will be utilised by the team, including group work, presentations and individual assignments. Students may research topics and present results in a wide variety of ways other than as written text; often applying their research, skills and knowledge to specific work-related contexts and case studies. Where appropriate, group interaction can often play a part; for example, through teamwork and role play students can work collaboratively on certain key parts of their studies, just as they would in the workplace. In many parts of their programme of study students learn in an applied and practical way and apply the under-pinning theories, research and analysis to bring a depth of understanding to their work.

The course content is equally suited to both male and female students due to its diverse programme of study.

Methods and Patterns of Assessment

A BTEC in Business can help you achieve your full potential. Students are rewarded along the way for consistent hard work, without the added pressure of exams at the end. The course is totally assessed through a range of coursework assignments and practical exercises. These will involve a range of tasks allowing you to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the topics. THERE ARE NO EXAMINATIONS

Financial Implications

There are likely to be trips and visits to industry (such as IKEA, Calshot, Thorpe Park) which may incur some expense but we will endeavour to cover costs within the departmental budget. The College has a Student Support Fund for those students who have difficulty meeting these costs.

Career Progression

The BTEC qualification is recognised by both higher education establishments and industry. The course is suitable for students who have a keen interest in following a career in the wide field of Business and who wish to go directly into employment after completing the award as well as those who wish to embark on a degree course at university.

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