Awarding Body:WJECCourse Duration:1/2 Years

Minimum Entry Requirements

5 GCSEs at grade A*- C, including Maths and English.

Course Content

This course provides an exciting opportunity to study drama and theatre as a single subject as part of a flourishing department. You will extend your skills in both the understanding of theatre and the performance of drama. You will work in specialist facilities, be involved in a wide range of performance tasks and take part in a variety of workshops. You will need to have a real commitment to the study of Theatre, academically and practically, involving new ideas and forms of performance.

AS Level
In your first year you will study one set play and attend a range of live productions which will form the basis of your written examination (60%). The practical exam (32%) will be the performance of an extract of a published play, which will adopt the style of a practitioner studied on the course with coursework amounting to 8%.

A2 Level
In your second year you will study two set plays from the perspective of an actor, director or designer which form the basis of your written examination (60%). The practical exam (32%) will involve the devising of an original piece of theatre as a group for performance with coursework amounting to 8%. You will have the option to attend a creative and cultural residential theatre trip to Paris.

Methods of Teaching

You will be taught by more than one teacher in both years and receive support in class from a technical instructor when appropriate. Classes will involve reading, discussions, presentations and practical tasks in support of different elements of stagecraft. In addition to performance skills, you will develop skills in critical analysis, observation, interpretation and communication.

Methods and Patterns of Assessment

It is not advisable to combine Performance Studies and Drama and Theatre Studies. It is important to realise that this will reduce options at Higher Education and involve an increase of weekend and evening rehearsals producing potential conflicts of study across the two courses.

Financial Implications

In order to fund the examination requirement of theatre visits and workshops students will be expected to pay £120 in their first year and second year. There are compulsory texts required each year amounting to approximately £30. The College has a Student Support Fund for those students who have difficulty meeting these costs.

Career Progression

A Level Drama and Theatre Studies leads on to many Higher Education courses and professional training in Drama and other Arts and Humanities subjects. The transferable skills the subject offers are also highly valued in vocational areas including the media and television, teaching and arts administration.

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