Awarding Body:WJECCourse Duration:1/2 Years

Minimum Entry Requirements

5 GCSEs at Grades A*- C including English and Maths.

Course Content

Course Content: stand alone AS or full A2

You will achieve:
• The ability to understand and analyse in detail how micro codes (such as cinematography and editing) create meaning and provoke emotional response for the spectator
• Practical filmmaking skills using industry standard editing software
• An understanding of the way that the UK film industry operates and what opportunities exist for British filmmakers
• An understanding of the dominant Hollywood Film Industry and its impact on UK audiences
• An understanding of the way that films are distributed and marketed
• An appreciation of the different ways that audiences access film through cinema, DVD and internet
• An appreciation of different film styles, genres and filmmakers
• An appreciation of how messages and values are communicated through film
• An understanding of how specific periods in history influence and shape visual storytelling
Students need to be aware that we will study some films that carry an 18 certificate

The AS course is divided into two units:

FM1Exploring Film Form (coursework 40%)

You will produce one 1,500 word essay which will focus on how micro codes create meaning and provoke emotional response in the spectator in a short film extract.

You will produce a short film focussing on visual communication (rather than dialogue). You will be rewarded for your creative and technical ability in areas such as cinematography, editing and use of sound.

FM2British and American Film (external examination 2 ½ hour paper – 60%)

The Film Audience – You will study British and American cinema industries and learn about the interaction between producers and audiences

British Film – studeis codes, conventions and issues in the British horror films

US Film Comparative Study – Here you will compare two Amercan films - Sunset Boulevard and Map to the Stars.

The A2 course is divided into two units:

FM3 Film Research and Creative Projects (coursework 50%)
In this unit you will produce two projects. One is research based and the other is creative (making a short film/film sequence).

FM4Varieties of Film Experience – Issues and Debates (external exam 2 ¾ hours 50%)

In this unit you will study a broader range of films than at AS. Topics include World Cinema (Mexican, Italian, Spanish and Hong Kong) as well as Spectatorship and Documentary. Thirdly you will study one specific film from US or World cinema. This unit will consider political and social themes in a particular film as well as addressing film theory such as gender perspectives and auteur studies.

Methods and Patterns of Assessment

AS Level

60% written exam: 1 exam paper – 2 ½ hours
40% coursework: 1 x 1,500 word essay
A filmmaking practical production and reflective evaluation.

A2 Level
50% written exam: 1 exam paper – 2 ¾ hours
50% coursework: A Research Project
Practical filmmaking or Screenplay and reflective evaluation.

Lessons are delivered using a variety of teaching methods: lectures, discussion, activities and screenings.

Financial Implications

Trips are regularly organised and assistance is available from the Student Support Fund if you find payment difficult.

Career Progression

Film Studies will equip students with excellent research, essay-writing and practical skills. Many students go on to study film as a single honours subject or combined with another discipline. It is not, however, a direct route into the film business.

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