Awarding Body:AQACourse Duration:1/2 Years

Minimum Entry Requirements

If you are studying either:
a) GCSE Biology / Chemistry / Physics or
b) GCSE Science and Additional Science
you need to achieve 5 GCSEs at A* - C, including B in Additional Science or Biology or Chemistry or Physics.

If you achieve only a C in one of the previous listed subjects, then you also need to have Mathematics at grade B;

Or if you are studying either:
c) GCSE Science and Additional Science (Applied) or
d) GCSE Applied Science (Double award)

you need to achieve 5 GCSEs at A* - C including grade CC in Applied Science (Double award) or grade C in Additional Science (Applied), and Mathematics at grade B.

Course Content

Paper 1: Introduction to Psychology

Compulsory content

1. Social influence

2. Memory

3. Attachment

4. Psychopatholgy

A level Assessment: 2 hour exam, MCQ, short answer and essays: 33.3% of A-level

AS Level Assessment only: 90 min exam on Topics 1-3 only. 50% of AS level

Paper 2: Psychology in context

5. Approaches in Psychology

6. Biopsychology

7. Research methods

A level Assessment: 2 hour exam, MCQ, short answer and essays: 33.3% of A-level

AS Level Assessment only: 90 min exam on Topics 4,5 and 7 only (ie not Bio-Psychology) 50% of AS level

Paper 3: Options

8. Issues and debates in Psychology

9. Gender

10. Schizophrenia

11. Aggression

A level assessment: 2 hour exam involving MCQ, short answer and essays: 33.3% of A-level.

Note: The AS exams do not contribute to the A level grade. All students need to sit Papers 1-3 for their A level even if they have also previously completed the AS exams.

Methods of Teaching

A range of teaching styles is used including group assignments, individual assignments and whole class lessons. Many of these activities are interactive and involve student participation in replicated research studies and experiments. Subject notes handouts, videos and computer programs are integrated into the course. Regular lunchtime workshops are provided. Individual guidance is given where necessary.

Methods and Patterns of Assessment

The many controversial issues in psychology are best explored in essay form. Good levels of literacy, as well as the development of critical thinking are needed. During the course, prepared and timed essays will be marked to A level standard.

Financial Implications

Students will need to buy an A level textbook (approx. £25). Comprehensive course booklets which include student notes and class activities are provided for each student via the intranet. Each student needs to print these out. At least one London conference is organised per year, it costs approximately £40 to attend. Other visits are arranged as appropriate to the Freud Museum and even a trip to China.

Career Progression

Degrees in Psychology can lead to careers in Clinical, Educational and Occupational psychology. Psychology graduates are also valued in advertising, market research, industry, personnel management, counselling, nursing, social administration, professional sport, criminology and even teaching!

As a scientific subject, Psychology combines well with any other science subject, but equally it can be studied in conjunction with any other course. For reasons of good communication in essay writing, many arts subjects could be advantageous even though Psychology is classified as a science.

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